2019 NPMA Academy Conference

PCO Bookkeepers is going for the gold! The 2019 NPMA Academy conference is right around the corner and we will be sending Brian Post, CPA and Brian DiMarco, EA to represent PCO Bookkeepers, the Pest Control Industry’s most trusted accounting firm.

As first-time attendees of NPMA Academy, the two accountants are eager to prove themselves as fierce competitors. Their competitive nature drives them individually, as well as professionally, which fuels their passion for success in everything they do.

 Managing partner of PCO Bookkeepers, Dan Gordon, CPA, has high praise for both NPMA Academy participants. “Brian Post has been with us for 7 years and has become a fundamental part of our accounting and consulting business.

He provides a deep understanding of accounting and the industry to our clients which has caused him to develop into a trusted advisor to PCOs all over the country.” proclaims Dan.

When asked about Brian DiMarco, Dan says “Brian D has been only been with us a short amount of time, but he has quickly established himself as a go-getter. The knowledge he obtained while starting his career at UBS has carried over to our firm. His future is bright. I’m excited to be sending both guys because I feel they truly represent what PCO Bookkeepers stands for and that is our dedication to providing our PCO clients with the most relevant knowledge to help grow their businesses.”

The Academy conference is an excellent place to enhance one’s industry knowledge, create lasting friendships, and of course, it brings out the competitive side of all who attend.

Aside from all the excellent workshops that the Academy has in store for attendees, it’s a great time to network with peers. If you are attending Academy 2019 this year and have any accounting questions or other financial related questions, please find either Brian and they will be happy to help you!

Or, if you would like to schedule a meeting time beforehand, please e-mail Brian at brian.post@wealthdepotmail.com. We look forward to seeing our clients that will be there and meeting new people that are a part of our amazing industry!