4 QuickBooks Tips to Save Time and Give You Better Information

QuickBooks is the most widely used accounting program used by small businesses. Better than 90% of our clients use QuickBooks Online (QBO) with routing software such as Pestpac, Real Green or Pestroutes.

We have found this to be a terrific 1-2 combination for the most powerful reporting for growing Pest and Lawn companies. Below are some time-savers that will make you more efficient with QuickBooks allowing you to process transactions and get reports quicker.

1. Link your bank and credit card feeds to QBO and enter multiple items with the same name and account type all at once.

If you’re trying to enter multiple items with the same name and account type, you can do them all at once by sorting by description and checking off all of the similar items. For instance, Wex. Select all charges to Wex by checking them off. Then go to Batch Actions and from the drop-down, choose Modify Selected. Then select Vendor (Wex) and Account (Fuel). Select Apply and you will see all the transactions have now been coded correctly. From there you can go back to Batch Actions and select Accept Selected.

2. Make use of file attachments.

Being able to attach documents is one of the best features of QuickBooks. For example, you can directly attach a document like a lease agreement, contract or resale certificate to a customer’s detail page. You can also upload your bank and credit card statements to the attachments folder so you and/or your accountant can easily access them whenever necessary.

3. Set up bank rules for common expenses.

QuickBooks allows you to set up bank rules for common expenses like utility payments, regular vendors and suppliers, and others. If you don’t need to review payments made to water, electricity, and other common expenses every month, you can set up the bank rule to auto-add. This will save you a lot of time.

4. Use duplicate tabs and bookmarks.

If you are working on building a balance sheet, income statement, or any other valuable piece of financial information, then you likely may want to view multiple copies of this information at once. By simply right-clicking on whatever tab you have QuickBooks open in, you will have the option to duplicate the information and then make adjustments as necessary.