5 Ways PCO Bookkeepers Helps You Sustain Profitability – Webcast

Topics Included in this Webcast

In this educational webcast Dan Gordon, founder and managing partner of PCO Bookkeepers, provides a quick overview of how an accounting and bookkeeping firm that specializes in the pest control industry can provide owners with a unique competitive advantage. In the first half Dan will provide a quick overview of:

1. What is the tactical and strategic role of accounting

2. What is the tactical and strategic role of bookkeeping

3. How PCO Bookkeepers is unique in their ability to provide a competitive edge

4. Why pest control expertise is critical in today’s economy

Dan will then quickly discuss what competitive advantages this expertise and experience provides pest control company owners. He will explain:

1. How relevant financial reports help you make smarter decisions

2. How and why you need to benchmark your performance to achieve specific goals monthly

3. How we help you accurately budget and forecast

4. What are the 8 critical profitability ratios you need

5. How all this helps you increase profit with key operational ratios


About the Presenter

Dan Gordon - Certified Public Accountant

Founder – PCO Bookkeepers, Turf Books and Sell My PCO Business

Dan Gordon, CPA, is the founder of PCO Bookkeepers, Turf Books and PCO M&A Specialists. These accounting and consulting firms work specifically with pest management and lawn care companies. PCO Bookkeepers and Turf Books work with businesses nationwide specializing in outsourced bookkeeping, accounting, CFO, services, tax planning, preparation & audit representation services as well as generational and exit planning.

Dan also brings over 20 years of front-line and hands-on experience founding, growing and managing pest control and lawn care companies. As an owner and manager, Dan has personally been involved with the founding, development and subsequent sales of several of the nation’s leading pest and lawn care companies.

Author: Dan Gordon