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PMP Industry Insiders Podcast

CO2 – Coalmarch

December 1-3 2020 ○ Virtual Conference

Get your financial leadership in check. The PCO Bookkeepers team will guide you through this workshop designed to give you the tools to measure the financial health of your business and optimize investment in growth channels to maximize long-term success.

Past Events

Utah Pest Management Association’s Virtual Fall Conference

November 12-13 2020  ○  Virtual Conference

Navigating the Financial Minefields of the Pest Management Industry. Benchmarking a Successful Pest Control Company.

NPMA Pest World

October 13-16 2020 ○ Virtual Conference

Thought Leadership Session:  How does your firm stack up? Comparing your company’s financial and operational metrics to “best in class” PMP firms.

West Virginia Pest Management Association

September 8-9 2020  ○  Charleston, WV

Dan Gordon to present Navigating the Financial Minefields of the Pest Management Industry.  Learn about the “Operational Hit List” critical to building and maintaining a profitable operation.

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