The Three Critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for a Pest Control Business

In this webcast, PCO Bookkeepers M&A Specialists Founder Dan Gordon and Andrew de la Chapelle, Director of Business Development, dive into the three key drivers in the valuation of a pest control business.

The objective of this webcast is to help pest control business owners understand how investors or potential buyers of a business will value their companies. It is also designed to help pest control business owners understand the proactive steps they can take to drive more value today.

This webcast will cover:

• What KPIs impact your company’s valuation the most


2. Recurring to non-recurring service revenue

3. Growth

•  For each we discuss:

1. The definition

2. How it’s calculated

3. The optimal range and some examples of calculations

•  Other key educational resources we offer to help you improve KPIs

•  Why we are unique

•  How we can help

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