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Timely, Accurate Dashboard Reporting for Pest Control Companies


“Dan (Gordon) and I talked over the years, and it never seemed like the right time to switch (to PCO Bookkeepers for accounting services). Do it sooner than I did. You don’t want to wait for a big issue to come up to make the call.”


“We were impressed by the fact that we could use someone for our accounting that had industry experience, knew what the market was like and could offer some input that other accountants couldn’t. So when the need came up to look for another bookkeeper, we made the move.”


“(PCO Bookkeepers is) always quick to respond to my questions, such as how much to pay a new technician, should we purchase a new service vehicle this year, are we spending too much on gas, how’s our routing this year?”


“As a small business owner, you lay awake at night and worry about things that might go wrong. But working with (PCO Bookkeepers) and looking at the P&L and knowing exactly where we’re at compared to the industry has instilled a lot of confidence in me.”


“The reporting (PCO Bookkeepers provides clients) every month is key. Any categories where you’re way off, whether it be vehicle expenses or rent or insurance, Dan (Gordon) can tell you ‘You should be paying X amount.’”


“By jumping on board with Dan Gordon and the guys at PCO Bookkeepers, we had access to people who knew accounting rules, put things in the right place and were able to get us information promptly, so we could use it as a tool to measure our performance better.”

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