Our M&A Division

PCO M&A Specialists will represent your interests in:

Determining if the time is right for you to sell your pest control business

Determine maximum valuations

Presenting your business confidentially to potential buyers

Managing buyer offers as well as the closing process

The PCO M&A Specialists Advantage!

At PCO M&A Specialists, we use an integrated approach that considers your needs as well as how to best structure a deal from a financial, tax and legal perspective to best meet your objectives.


Having dedicated staff that works day-in and day-out with pest control business owners on areas such as taxes, debt structuring and operational issues is paramount to being able to walk advise them on one of the most important decisions in their lives. Our team of PCO M&A Specialists is highly qualified to advise you throughout the entire selling process.


At the heart of the M&A game are valuations. A quality exit strategy firm must provide its clients with an indicator of value using REAL DATA from operations, assumed cost of capital and potential purchaser hurdle rates in order to set a seller’s expectations about how the sale of his or her pest control business is likely to unfold.


We have on-staff experts in PestPac, ServSuite, Real Green, PestRoutes and other software. To develop an accurate valuation model, a quality M&A exit strategy firm must drill down and ANALYZE customer data contained in the seller’s dispatch program to ensure the proper alignment with business pricing and valuation models. An exit strategy firm without this expertise typically has the seller fill out questionnaires or spreadsheets to garner the data, and as a result will likely neglect to uncover a portion of the buried value. Therefore, intimate knowledge of pest control business software programs is crucial. We have those experts on staff.


Our on-staff lawyer specializes in merger & acquisitions transactions in the pest control industry. When a transaction presents itself, it’s important to be able to assess the offer from a CONTRACTUAL or legal perspective. Merger & acquisition transactional documents contain many clauses starting with the offer or Letter of Intent. While the offered sale price may appear attractive, the contract terms and conditions may spell CAUTION. For this reason, a quality merger & acquisition exit strategy firm should have an attorney on staff to assess all offers. We have one of the best lawyers in the industry on our team.


We have several on-staff CPAs with extensive tax experience in merger & acquisition transactions who understand the significant tax ramifications in doing deals. Naturally, the seller is interested in keeping the most after-tax proceeds from the sale. Tax planning starts with the decision to sell, and requires professionals who understand the tax law and know how to optimally structure deals for their clients. Having CPAs and an attorney on staff requires significant resources, usually only available to larger investment banking firms. A boutique exit strategy firm specializing in the pest control industry that has the on-staff resources to provide tax and legal expertise will greatly improve your odds of minimizing the tax impact, allowing a seller to receive greater after-tax sale proceeds from any deal. Our firm has the technical knowledge to navigate the tax laws because we employ several CPAs and a tax attorney.


Our managing director has personally owned and managed a pest control firm and our on-staff professionals work with pest control business owners on a daily basis on a variety of operational and financial issues. Many pest control business acquisition deals die before they ever have a chance because due diligence turns up issues that become deal killers. Quality exit strategy firms will have a representative who’s intimately knowledgeable about all aspects of the business sit through the entire due diligence process. This representative should be fluent in all aspects of business and be prepared with answers to tough questions without having to lean on outside lawyers and CPAs. Does the exit strategy firm you are considering have such a representative? We do!

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