PCO Bookkeepers’ Monthly Dashboard Demo Video

Topics in This Webcast Include:

In this short video, PCO Bookkeepers Founder and Managing Member Dan Gordon provides a quick overview of the 9 dashboards PCO Bookkeepers provides our clients on a monthly basis. These reports include:

1. Revenue Profitability Snapshot

2. The Rule of 23 – Management Incentives

3. Profit and Loss Statements Summary

4. Annual Budget Planning to Actuals

5. Trend Lines

6. Customized Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

7. Liquidity

8. Accounts Receivable vs. Routing Software Reconciliations

9. Detailed P&L Customized for Your Objectives

Dan also explains how we can provide owners with industry benchmarks and free consulting to help owners leverage these insights to make smarter growth and strategic decisions to ensure they hit the targets and goals they have for growth and profitability.

Author: Dan Gordon