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Update: Please note this page has been inactive but will be restarted in 2018!

Imagine being in a room with hundreds of other PCO’s in a non competitive situation just sharing ideas about issues that affect your business, the industry and other items that you have in common. That’s what LinkedIn does. That’s what the LinkedIn group called “PCO Business Solutions” does.

Come join in the conversations just like many other PCOs. It’s free and it can provide you with some great ideas to help build your business. Most participants enjoy reading and contributing to the discussions on a regular basis. Others just observe. But this forum is represented by PCOs from all over the country who share and exchange ideas among themselves and other industry experts.

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Here are some examples of the discussions going on right now:

The 7 Habits of Highly Successful PCO Business Owners and Managers
So what makes a highly successful PCO Business Owner or Manager? Here is what I have discovered as not only habits, but also “secrets” of the treasure chest of business success in the Pest Control Industry…….

Computers – Pest Pac, Service Pro What are you using and why? What about Inventory Tracking?
It seems that for the most part, most of my clients use either Pestpac or Service Pro. Since they will both be having User Conferences this Fall, I wanted to know what people like and or dislike about the programs…….

What makes a company more valuable? General Pest Contracts or Termite Contracts
General Pest Control. There are insurance companies who reject firms with high Termite Contract & service percentage. Termites are still viewed as high risk. General Pest control is much more profitable with much less risk…….

Are You Building Wealth in the Pest Control Industry?
Very good article Paul, Pricing, that’s what we’re looking at now. We have a canine nitch. We talked to a friend of ours this weekend and pricing just so happened to be the topic of conversation. He told us that we need to look at our pricing and revamp what we have going on. And he’s right, He told us that you have a service that people will pay for because people will do what they need to do to be rid of bed bugs. I don’t want to over price myself out of business that’s where we need to find a common ground. I’m not worried about what the other companies are doing with their pricing because I know that the service that we provide is worth what we’re paid. Where a new company and the article opens your eyes to how too be a top runner and overcome the mom and pop companies…….

So.. If sharing ideas that matter and building your business and wealth matters to you, I encourage you to join.

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