PCO Business Strategy

PCO Business Strategy: Choices That You Make NOW Can Have a LARGE Impact on Your Business LATER!

We’re all human. We make good and bad choices every day. Sometimes we even let “life” choose for us, by not deciding at all! Well, come up with your PCO Business Strategy and go for it! But choose wisely, as the results may stick around awhile! Having your PCO Business Strategy plan in tact is critical to success. 

PCO Business Strategy: Make your choice now!

Think it Over! Choices you make now can come back to haunt you later. So, make sure that for big decisions, you think through all the possible outcomes and make educated decisions. Remember that the impact of the current decision at hand may outlast its life expectancy.

On the other hand, the positive impact of good results can be delayed as well. You may find that the results of educated decisions made five years ago, may still have a lasting effect on the success of your business.

Planning in Motion – Plan in the present time and make minor adjustments on the fly. Adjusting a plan in motion is much easier than adjusting a plan that never got off the ground. You can use current information to make your decisions. The idea here is to gain momentum and make minor revisions to the game plan along the way. It is imperative to stress the importance of measuring results continuously to ensure that you stay on track when tweaking your plan.

Good, Better, Best… What’s Next? It doesn’t matter how good your PMP business is right now. There’s always room for improvement and you can ALWAYS get a little bit better! If you just do a few little things each year, you’d be surprised how much of a difference it would make in your overall profitability of your bottom line. The years that you actually do what you planned to do are the years where your PMP business will run the smoothest and make more profit. So, make sure that once you make a choice you execute that decision and look for areas that can still be improved.

Stick to It! All you must do is choose a direction and actually go for it. Don’t do “nothing” and let life choose for you! Be bold, see your decisions through, and give the option you took the opportunity to work out. Note that if they are good sound decisions and if they go along the proper channels and execute they will pay for themselves.

Associated with making choices is the fact that you must be willing to pull the plug if the results are not what you expected. Recognize and appreciate that even a bad decision has value: experience and learning. In addition, if a decision is made and it proves to be a poor one, make sure you pull the plug as quickly as you can recognize it as a poor decision – especially if not doing so costs you money!

PCO Business Strategy: Get your game plan down!

As an example, here’s an approach that works well in the PMP industry. Develop your game plan and lay down the tracks in the winter. Many PMPs fail to make decisions over the winter. They go away and take long vacations. Although a relaxing vacation after a tediously grueling pest control season is likely to be well deserved, the winter is the time when you really should sit down and think through your business and how you will improve it.

A common question for PMPs in the winter is “How many more technicians will you need?” You want enough technicians to be able to handle all the work. On the other hand, after the heavy pest control season is up, what are you going to do with the extra employees you just picked up? It’s important that you don’t make quick hiring decisions during the busy season. If you do, by the time you have them trained and set up in the office, the business won’t be there to justify the added payroll.

During the heat of the season, most PMPs don’t find the time to think strategically. THIS IS THE TIME! Make time to make your plans so that you can execute them during the busy season.