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Daniel S. Gordon, CPA

Speaker Profile

A pest and lawn care industry veteran of over 25 years who has been an owner in the space having exited for a handsome return on investment. A savvy CPA providing CFO, accounting and operational reporting services to over 300 pest and lawn companies nationwide with combined annual revenues in excess of $600 million. A top industry Merger and Acquisition Intermediary. Responsible for facilitating transactions with aggregate deal value in excess of $150 million in the past 18 months.

Dan Gordon is the founder and managing member of PCO Bookkeepers, Turfbooks and PCO M&A Specialists. These entities provide accounting, consulting and exit planning services to the pest and turf industries. His passion is providing owners in these industries the most useful operational and financial data possible to run their businesses most efficiently as well as helping clients sell their companies for maximum after-tax dollars.

His 2014 book titled “From Technician to CEO – The Evolution of a High Growth Pest Control and Lawn Care Company” published by North Coast Media was chosen as required reading by the National Pest Management Association “NPMA” for their Executive Leadership Program as well as earning many industry accolades for teaching pricing for profit, marketing math for the service business as well as how to raise prices and lower expenses through effective routing.

Dan has written innumerable articles for Pest Control Technology, Pest Management Professional, Pest World, Lawn and Landscape, Landscape Management as well as many state trade organization newsletters. He has talked about his work in several Thought Leadership sessions at NPMA “Pestworld”, The National Association of Landscape Professionals trade event “Landscapes.” He has been chosen to deliver several keynotes at user conferences of Pestpac, Servsuite, and Real Green industry software.

Dan was educated at Northeastern University, graduating Magna Cum Laude. He is a Certified Public Accountant licensed to practice in New Jersey.


Benchmarking a Successful Pest Control Company

Success is not a one-time achievement, it requires constant work and motivation to remain a successful, profitable pest control company.

Benchmarking a successful pest control company to industry metrics helps evaluate criteria that can accelerate growth and help achieve maximum output.

When to Start Working on Your Business, Not in It

No matter what how big or small your operation, trying to grow your business can be challenging and even overwhelming. When is it time to hire a new employee? How do you set up a plan for growth? What benchmarks are right for your company? Don’t let these challenges stand in the way of your ability to grow your business.

From Technician To CEO: The Evolution of a High-Growth Pest Control and Lawn Care Company

Based on the book, this talk is about understanding the evolution of a high-growth service firm and the time-tested business concepts that serve as a road map to success for an owner or manager.

A DEEP DIVE Inside Key Operational Performance Indicators

A DEEP DIVE: Inside the Key Operational Performance Indicators That Successful PCOs use to Build Large Profitable Companies. By measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) from your company against other successful players in the industry we can improve our own efficiency, productivity, help manage expenses and identify areas for revenue growth. Learn which KPIs are most important.

Developing the Next Generation of Managers

Employees are one of the largest investment companies will make and their success directly relates to the success of the company. Learning how to identify someone in your company with management skills can really benefit the company and the loyalty and attitude of the staff that they impact. Whether you are looking internally for new managers or opt for a new hire, this session will begin to teach you how to develop the next generation of managers.

Navigating the Financial Minefields of the Pest Management Industry

Operating both efficiently and profitably are crucial components to overall financial health. In this session, you will learn about the “Operational Hit List” critical to building and maintaining a profitable operation. The “Hit List” provides users a key source of benchmarking and Key Performance Indicators used in: Operational improvement, Internal Analysis, and Forecasting.

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