The 4 Ps of Pest Control Marketing – Webcast

Topics Included in this Webcast

Many of our founders and team members have sat where you have sat –  growing  a Pest Control Company. We are different types of accountants. We realize that if you don’t sell successfully you don’t have anything to account for. Without successful sales and marketing  you don’t need accounting. We understand that marketing and sales are critical for a pest control company.

PCO Bookkeepers is committed to helping our customer survive and thrive and marketing is one of the critical areas we can be of assistance. Whether you are trying to manage a rapidly expanding business, trying to protect your profit or looking for new ways to grow a pest control business, we can help you approach the 4 Ps of marketing in a systematic and data driven way. In this educational webcast long time Pest Control veteran, Dan Gordon will detail what makes the 4 Ps of marketing unique for the Pest Control Industry.


He will also explain how to leverage your routing software and your financial reports to build products that can drive both your topline and bottomline results. He will also share how we can help you track and benchmark your promotional spend for better sales results.


About the Presenter

Dan Gordon - Certified Public Accountant


Dan Gordon, CPA, is the founder of PCO Bookkeepers, Turf Books and Sell My PCO Business. These accounting and consulting firms work specifically with pest management and lawn care companies. PCO Bookkeepers and Turf Books work with businesses nationwide specializing in outsourced bookkeeping, accounting, CFO, services, tax planning, preparation & audit representation services as well as generational and exit planning

Dan also brings over 20 years frontline and hands on experience founding, growing and managing pest control and lawn care companies. As an owner and manager Dan has personally been involved with the founding, development and subsequent sales of several of the nation’s leading pest and lawn care companies.